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Statesville was voted an All-American City and acts as the seat of Iredell County. Statesville is home to 24,000 residents who participate in taking care of local landmarks and attractions like the Congregation Emanuel that is one of the few 19th century synagogues still in existence today. Statesville was originally settled in 1753 by Presbyterian and Lutheran immigrants looking for fertile soil.
Lawyers in Statesville counsel a broad range of cases including bankruptcy, child custody, automobile injury, wrongful termination, immigration, and criminal cases like juvenile and felony cases. Statesville lawyers are know local courts and their procedures.
Recently in Statesville, motorcyclist Alan Wayne Yost was arrested on second-degree murder charges. Yost was the allegedly driving his motorcycle with Iredell County Sheriff Sgt. Tim Byrd in pursuit when the officer struck David Wayne Cox’s SUV instantly killing him. It took nearly a week for authorities to track down Yost using Police footage and traffic light cameras.
If you have pending criminal charges in Statesville you will likely be summoned by the Iredell County Superior Court in Statesville which retains jurisdiction over all kinds of criminal cases, probate, and administrative agency appeals in addition to civil and other matters. The Iredell County District Court in Statesville is responsible for hearing traffic, misdemeanor, tort, contract, real property and juvenile cases but retains exclusive jurisdiction over family, small claims, and mental health cases. The U.S. Immigration Courts are responsible for hearing any visa, deportation, or citizenship cases.
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