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State College is a borough that is often referenced as “Happy Valley” because it consistently one of the safest communities in the area. The Central Pennsylvania Festival of the Arts, Blue & White Weekend, and the Penn State IFC/Panhellenic Dance Marathon are a few annual events that attract locals and tourists alike. State College is subjugated economically and demographically by Pennsylvania State University and its students.

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State College is a great place to find a lawyer who is familiar with local courts and procedures. Lawyers in State College take a wide variety of cases including criminal cases like DUI, bankruptcy, personal injury, immigration visa, and divorce cases including child custody and support matters.

Recently in State College, a lawsuit was filed against Second Life’s company Linden Labs over the illegal seizure of virtual property. Second Life is an online role playing game that is home to about 200,000 residents and 12,000 businesses online. The plaintiffs are seeking $5 million in compensation for their losses which include virtual land and other materials. In a 2007 lawsuit, Linden Labs changed their position from allowing Second Lifers to “own” their property to saying that the virtual land they purchased was still the property of Linden.

The 49th Judicial District Court of Common Pleas will be the location at which you file many State College cases including juvenile, family, tort, real property, probate, administrative agency appeals, and criminal cases like felony charges. If you’re looking to clear up an immigration issue or have a visa, citizenship or deportation case you will be heading to one the U.S. Immigration Courts in Pennsylvania.

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