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About St. Louis, Missouri


St. Louis is the largest metropolitan area in Missouri, with almost 3 million residents.  St. Louis is located in the traditional center of the U.S. and is called the Gateway City, as it links the West with the East.  St. Louis is named after King Louis XIV, and was fought over by French and Spanish powers until the Louisiana Purchase in 1803.  French was spoken in the city until the mid-19th century. 

St. Louis Lawyers St. Louis is known for its famous arch, art museum, and historic landmarks.  It is home to major biotechnology and manufacturing corporations.  There are many lawyers in St. Louis – the Bar Association of Metro St. Louis alone boasts an impressive 5,800 members. 


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With so many lawyers, how can a client identify the right lawyer for her needs? matches you with a pre-screened St. Louis lawyers.  Just submit the details of your case and you will be, completely free of charge, matched with St. Louis attorneys ready to advocate for your cause.

St. Louis lawyers handle a wide variety of legal issues: criminal law, real estate law, personal injury law, divorce law, bankruptcy law, and more.  In a recent case, the Missouri Attorney General sought civil penalties against an unlicensed St. Louis home contactor, on behalf of all those he cheated out of money with his shoddy workmanship involving roofing, porches, gutters, and sidewalks. 

Homeowners have had to put tarps over their roofs, prop gutters up with makeshift poles, and risk liability from defective sidewalks in violation of city specifications.   

St. Louis lawyers will know all the rules and procedures of St. Louis County Circuit Court.  This court features civil law, criminal law, domestic, juvenile, probate, and traffic divisions.

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