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Springfield, Illinois is best known as the hometown of the 16th President of the United States – Abraham Lincoln. The city motto, “Home of President Abraham Lincoln”, proudly indicates who its most famous resident is. Springfield has been the state capital of Illinois since 1837. Until 1832, Springfield went by the name of Calhoun in honor of a popular state senator John C. Calhoun. However, in 1832 when Calhoun fell out of favor with his constituents, the name of the city was changed to Springfield. In addition to having many historically significant political connections, Springfield is also the home of many culinary firsts. It is believed that Springfield is the home of the first corn-dog. In addition, the first drive-thru window is believed to have originated at the Maid-Rite Sandwich shop in Springfield.

Springfield IL Lawyers

Springfield lawyers represent clients with legal issues ranging from bankruptcy filings to criminal cases. In addition, lawyers in Springfield are qualified to handle family law cases, landlord/tenant disputes, and even probate matters.
Springfield is located in Sangamon County which is part of the 7th Judicial Circuit of Illinois. Therefore, lawyers in Springfield will try their cases before the 7th Judicial Circuit Court. The circuit courts in Illinois have original jurisdiction over all cases brought before it. Cases involving criminal, civil, family, and probate matters will all be heard before the 7th Judicial Circuit Court.
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