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The fourth largest county in the state, Spokane County is also home to the second largest city in Washington, Spokane. Spokane County derives its name from the Spokane Indian tribe and lies along the eastern border of Washington State.
Spokane County lawyers practice in a wide variety of fields, including immigration, criminal law, personal injury, estate planning, family law, and real estate.
An attorney in Spokane County recently brought a lawsuit alleging that Spokane County’s animal control laws were unconstitutional. Among other things, the law allows animal control officers to immediately euthanize any animal they find that it unlicensed and sick, injured or dangerous. In practice, this means that most animals found without a collar are euthanized without a temporary stay in the local pound.
Most cases in Spokane County begin in the Spokane County Court system. Spokane Courts are divided into a number of different court departments and divisions, such as Spokane’s Superior Court, which hears a variety of civil, criminal, and family law cases. If you have a case in Spokane County, you will want an attorney familiar with the various rules and procedures of the court your case is in.
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