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Learn More About South Florida

South Florida is largely defined as the habitable strip of Florida coast that lies between the Everglades and the Atlantic Ocean. Major cities in South Florida include Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and West Palm Beach but the Florida Keys are also included at times.

South Florida FL Attorneys

South Florida has some of the most outstanding weather so it shouldn’t be a big shock to find out that a number of talented lawyers also live in South Florida. South Florida Attorneys take many different types of cases, some typical examples include: chapter 13 bankruptcy, child custody, automobile injury, immigration, and criminal cases like DUI.
Recently in South Florida, Clark Cone was arrested and charged with grand theft and continuing criminal enterprise charges. The state investigated Cone and found he had made off with almost $500,000 in clients’ insurance settlements. Cone was working as an attorney and allegedly failed to tell many that an agreement had even been made. Clark Cone was disbarred by the Florida Bar Association, and he faces 25 years in prison and restitution to his victims.
If you have a lawsuit or divorce to file in South Florida, you’re most likely to be visiting a Florida Circuit or County Court. Courts in Florida have rigid filing procedures. Often it’s best to consult a knowledgeable South Florida attorney who is familiar with local courts and their procedures.
LegalMatch is able to pair you with the most qualified South Florida. LegalMatch offers a bevy of resources to aid you in your research including an online law library and tips for selecting the best attorney for your particular case. Check out our Forums to start a conversation about your legal issue.
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