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South Burlington borders Lake Champlain, is part of Chittenden County, and is home to University Mall - Vermont’s largest retail mall facility. South Burlington plays host to the Magic Hat Brewing Company which is one of the nation’s largest craft breweries.

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South Burlington is a great place to find a lawyer that is familiar with local South Burlington and Chittenden County courts. Lawyers in South Burlington take all kinds of cases; some examples are: wrongful termination, bankruptcy, divorce, drunk driving, as well as estate administration.

James Oney, a South Burlington resident that is currently incarcerated, has filed a lawsuit in Rutland County Superior Court that challenges Rutland’s law prohibiting sex offenders from living within 1,000 feet from schools, parks, and day car facilities. This rule effectively prevents Oney from living in nearly all of South Burlington. Oney was convicted in 2006 of arson when caught setting strings of trash bins on fire, but his concern with the law stems from his 1991 conviction of lewd conduct with a child. During his time in jail the law took affect and Oney is no longer legally allowed to live in his South Burlington apartment.

If you have a tort case in South Burlington, you will be filing with the Chittenden County Superior Court which also retains exclusive jurisdiction over contract, real property, civil appeals, and small claims cases with a limit of $5,000. If you have pending misdemeanor charges, you are likely to visit the Chittenden District Court which handles most criminal cases.

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