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Southern California, also known as “SoCal” is generally considered to consist of the counties of San Luis Obispo, Kern, and San Bernardino, and everything south of those 3 counties, which includes Santa Barbara, Ventura, Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Diego, and Imperial. Of course, there will always be some debate as to where SoCal ends and the rest of California begins.
Regardless of where the exact border is drawn, there’s no debate that SoCal contains the 2 largest cities in California: Los Angeles and San Diego. These cities are hubs of activity for virtually every major industry in the state and the country, such as entertainment, biotechnology, travel, and the military, just to name a few.
As one might imagine, in any region where a lot of things happen, there are a lot of lawyers to make sure they happen within the bounds of the law, and in a manner that doesn’t lead to unexpected legal consequences. One particular area of interest to lawyers in Southern California is entertainment law. Of course, to the average consumer, that area of law may seem a bit high-flown. You should not get the impression that the SoCal legal community is nothing but glitzy, high-priced entertainment lawyers.
Indeed, in a much more down-to-earth case, a major class-action lawsuit has been filed against the Los Angeles County Probation Department, alleging that a youth detention facility in the region failed to provide children with any educational programs, as it is legally obliged to do so. This allegedly put them at a serious disadvantage after release, and made them more likely to re-offend.
This shows that there are a huge variety of lawyers in SoCal who are ready to help you. Whatever type of case you may have, there is a lawyer in SoCal who can handle it. And LegalMatch can help you find that lawyer.

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