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About Smith County, Texas

Smith County, Texas is located in the northeastern part of the state, 58 miles from the Louisiana border. Native Americans originally occupied the area until Mexico awarded land grants in the 1800’s, opening the land to permanent settlers in 1839. This resulted in the removal of the Cherokee Indians. Smith County, officially formed in 1846, is named after General James Smith, a Texas Revolutionary hero. Today Smith County is home to 210,000 residents who enjoy such attractions as the Tyler State Park, the Caldwell Children’s Zoo, and the Texas Rose Festival.

In the News: Lawyers in Smith County recently sued the County on behalf of a Smith County resident, alleging the County had violated the man’s civil rights. According to the lawsuit, the man alleged that his court appointed attorney failed to present evidence at trial to support his innocence or refute damages claimed by the victim. The man also claimed that his attorney stopped communicating with him, and as a result he was wrongfully imprisoned. The man argued that Smith County had placed him in jail for a crime he did not commit. The decision of the trial court stated that the attorney, even if court appointed, was not a state actor, and therefore the county could not be liable for his actions.

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Multiple top-notch Smith County lawyers have made the area their home. Lawyers in Smith County can assist you with a number of legal matters involving taxation, bankruptcy, intellectual property, personal injury, criminal defense, products liability, and more.

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