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Sioux Falls, South Dakota has been consistently inhabited for thousands of years. The abundant water and lush falls sustained several thriving agricultural communities, and drew European settlers westward from Minnesota. In the early 1980s Sioux Falls began its gradual shift from industrial economy to finance and health care, and today the city continues its rapid expansion as the largest city in South Dakota.

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Sioux Falls lawyers can help you with any legal issue you may be facing. They can represent you in real estate transactions, criminal defense, personal injury litigation, bankruptcy, wills and trust cases, and many more.

Attorneys in Sioux Falls are currently suing a local Ponzi Scheme operator who allegedly bilked his clients out of more than $50 million. The plaintiffs claim that a local investor who promised returns of 7% and above on the foreign currency market was actually using new money to pay off old clients, a classic Ponzi Scheme used most recently by the now infamous Bernie Madoff. The suit is ongoing in federal court.

Most cases in Sioux Falls begin in the Minnehaha County Court system. Part of South Dakota’s 2nd Judicial District, if your case goes to trial it will likely take place here. Even though the vast majority of cases settle out of court, your issue will still be subject to local rules and procedures, applicable even in the pre-trial phase.

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