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The town of Shrewsbury has unusual beginnings compared to most places in Massachusetts, as it did not grow out of either a mill or farming village. Instead, the town grew out of a suburb of the nearby city of Worcester. Shrewsbury is a small town of rolling hills that has creeks that criss-cross much of its area and provides the children of the town plentiful frogs and crickets to catch in the summer. In the winter, snow blankets the town and the cross-country skiers come out in force to keep in shape for the year.

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If you need to talk to a lawyer in Shrewsbury, you can choose from the many talented Shrewsbury lawyers in the area. These legal professionals would be happy to assist you with your legal troubles and are knowledge about many legal issues such as personal injury, contracts, DUI, criminal defense, divorce, business, health code, snowmobile accidents, and more.
A Shrewsbury man was recently sentenced to 10 years in prison after he was convicted on 20 counts of fraud in federal court. Over the course of years, the man held himself out as an incredibly successful investment manager and talked many investors into giving him a total of $16 million. The Shrewsbury man told the investors that he was the manager of a hedge fund that consistently did better than the general stock market, but in actuality the fund reported consistent losses. In addition, the man fraudulently took about $5 million of the investment money for himself, buying expensive luxury items and several cars.
If you have a lawsuit that came out of Shrewsbury, you will likely file your case in the Worcester Superior Court or the Worcester District Court. Almost all civil and criminal cases that arise in Shrewsbury are heard between these two courts. Because of this, the Shrewsbury attorneys regularly practice in these courts and are quite comfortable in front of judges and juries.
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