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Shelby Township is in Oceana County and is home to Maxx Play, Michigan’s premier family fun center. Stony Creek Metropark and Massusie Organic Healing Massage Tharapy also call Shelby Township home.

Shelby Township MI Lawyers

 Shelby Township is a great place to find a lawyer for any legal issue that you may face. Lawyers in Shelby Township take all kinds of cases; some examples are probate, immigration, wrongful termination, and family cases like divorce and child custody.
Recently, a Shelby Township woman was arrested with an additional female accomplice for illegally entering the Rochester Mills Beer Company. Officers responded to the building’s alarm around 2:25 a.m. and found the women heavily intoxicated. The women were also charged with obstructing a police officer when they became combative during their arrests; however, both are misdemeanor charges.
If you’re thinking about filing a lawsuit in Shelby Township, you will be probably visiting the 41A District Court in town. The district court would also be your destination for preliminary criminal charges and ordinance violations, torts, contracts, and real property disputes up to $25,000. Small claims at the district court level have a limit of $3,000. For juvenile and family cases, you will be traveling to the 27th Circuit Court of Oceana County in Hart.
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