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Sedgwick County is located in south central Kansas and is the second largest county in the state by population. The county is home to many industries, but perhaps the most famous industry resides in Wichita, where the aviation business booms and the city is known as the “Air Capital of the World.” Every year, visitors flock to Sedgwick County to visit the Sedgwick County Zoo, the number one outdoor tourist attraction in the entire state.

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If you are involved in a lawsuit in Sedgwick County, you will want to talk with one of the many experienced Sedgwick County lawyers. These legal professionals, which include Wichita lawyers, are skilled in areas of law such as tax, bankruptcy, divorce, child custody, alimony, criminal negligence, personal injury, contracts, real estate, DUI, and more.
Several patients of a Sedgwick County doctor have filed a lawsuit against the federal government claiming that the government has put their lives in mortal danger by closing down the medical office of their doctor. The doctor had been indicted of illegally prescribing pain killers, and as a precaution, the federal government shut down his practice. Now, the Sedgwick County patients have no where to turn to have their medical needs looked after. The lawsuit claims that the patients have repeatedly been turned away from other medical providers who are fearful of later lawsuits. The group of patients is seeking a injunction against the United States Justice Department that would re-open the medical facility.
If you have a lawsuit in Sedgwick County, you will probably have to report to either the 18th Judicial District of Kansas Courthouse or the United States District Court District of Kansas. Where your case will go to trial depends greatly upon the facts and circumstances that surround your legal issue. A local Sedgwick County attorney can assist you in determining which court your case belongs in.
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