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Home to Union College, the oldest planned college campus in the United States, the city of Schenectady was also once home to Thomas Edison. Edison moved to Schenectady and established his company which eventually became General Electric. While General Electric eventually moved much of its operation to the Sun Belt, the company still maintains a presence in Schenectady today and has its administrative core there.
If you are involved in a legal dispute in Schenectady, there are many talented Schenectady lawyers who are ready to represent you. These attorneys routinely practice in areas of law such as DUI, criminal defense, personal injury, automobile accidents, product liability, alimony, child custody, and many more.
A federal judge recently ruled that a former Wal-Mart security guard in Schenectady will be allowed to continue her employment discrimination suit against the company and the store manager. The suit arose when the female security guard chased a man in her car who allegedly stole the purse of a 77-year old woman shopping at the Schenectady store. Wal-Mart cited company policy not to pursue such thieves off the store property when it fired the woman from her position. The lawsuit contends that a year earlier a male security guard gave chase to a person in a similar fashion, and instead of being fired was instead given an award by the Schenectady Wal-Mart store.
If you are involved in a lawsuit in Schenectady, you will most likely report to the 4th Judicial District Supreme Court of New York. Depending upon your case, you may have to report to either the civil or criminal division. A local Schenectady lawyer can help you determine which division you have to go to.
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