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Santa Fe County is home to 143,000 New Mexicans who enjoy hot summers and access to the Pecos National Historic Park and the Santa Fe National Forest. Santa Fe has a rich Native American heritage and boasts attractions like the San Miguel Mission that was built in 1610, Canyon Road which is considered the cultural center of Santa Fe, and an outstanding restaurant selection.
Santa Fe County NM LawyersWhen Santa Fe County residents aren’t enjoying the seasons, a number of them practice law. Lawyers in Santa Fe County advise on a mixed variety of cases including chapter 7 bankruptcy, green card immigration, personal injury, contract dispute, and divorce cases to name a few.
Recently in Santa Fe County, actor Val Kilmer who starred as Batman has been named in a tax evasion lawsuit filed by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Kilmer found out about the filing at his 6,000 acre Pecos River Ranch that he recently listed for sale with a price tag of $33 million. The Internal Revenue Service filed a $538,858 tax lien against Kilmer for his past unpaid taxes.
If you have a lawsuit to file in Santa Fe County, it’s likely you will be visiting the First Judicial District Court. District courts in Santa Fe County and throughout New Mexico are exclusively responsible for handling mental health, civil, domestic relations, felony and juvenile cases in addition to civil and criminal appeals.
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