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Sanford, Florida is the county seat of Seminole County and has a population of 49,000 residents. Historically, Sanford was an agricultural and resort area in central Florida. In the late 1800s, Sanford was well known for its citrus output, specifically the Valencia orange. However, in the 1890s, Sanford’s citrus industry slowed significantly due to record low temperatures in the region. At the turn of the century, Sanford’s agricultural strength re-emerged only this time with a differing crop – celery. Consequently, Sanford earned its current motto of “the celery city” because of the crops ability to revitalize the area.

Sanford FL Lawyers

Sanford lawyers represent clients covering a variety of legal questions. Lawyers in Sanford represent clients with bankruptcy filings, probate matters, real estate disputes, and criminal matters, among others.
Cases being represented by Sanford lawyers are heard either in the 18th Judicial Circuit, the Fifth District Court of Appeals, or the Seminole County Court. The 18th Judicial Circuit courthouse is a court of general jurisdiction and where most cases are heard. Sanford lawyers will take cases to the 18th Judicial Circuit that involve: civil disputes of $15,000 or more, will and trusts, juvenile matters, felony crimes, and real estate disputes. Cases that are appealed at the Circuit Court level will be heard in the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals. Finally, any civil matter involving damages totaling less than $15,000 will be heard in Seminole County Court.
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