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San Pablo is a city located in the county of Contra Costa in the state of California. It was incorporated in 1948 and has a population of over 30,000. San Pablo is named after “Rancho San Pablo”, a large land grant formed from Spanish church properties which were secularized in the 1800’s.
San Pablo is home to a thriving and culturally diverse Bay Area community. The city maintains a civic center where many cultural arts and events are displayed. San Pablo’s city services provide several youth programs and senior services to meet a variety of needs in the community. Located in the heart of the East Bay, the city’s parks provide good opportunities to explore natural surroundings and engage in recreational activities. San Pablo is also a popular residential location for commuters who are employed in the greater San Francisco metropolitan area. 
In March 2010, a local San Pablo group named “Neighbors of Casino San Pablo” sued the federal government in an issue involving Indian gaming rights at the former Casino San Pablo. The group claims that the tribe that runs electronic bingo machines never obtained state approval and does not have sovereignty over the land. The case cites centuries of American Indian gaming law, and inquires with whether the land was granted by treaty. In essence, the case reflects the interplay between federal and state laws and standards. The outcome of the case will be important to San Pablo, since the tribe takes in about $100 million per year, with the state receiving about $12 million. Several other California tribes may also be affected by the case.
Cases in San Pablo are heard at the Contra Costa County Superior Court. The superior court hears all kinds of civil and criminal law claims. Beginning in September of 2009, all superior courts in California are closed on the third Wednesday of the month due to budget restructuring. Appeals in the area are adjudicated in the California 1st District Court of Appeal
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