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San Gabriel, population 40,000, is located in Los Angeles County in the state of California. The city is named after Mission San Gabriel Arcangel, which is located in the city.
San Gabriel was officially incorporated as a city in 1913 and is locally known as “The Birthplace of the Los Angeles Region”. The city was originally colonized by Spanish missionaries as early as 1771. Currently San Gabriel boasts a number of uniquely-styled homes and residential neighborhoods. Due to significant investment and recent construction developments, the area is undergoing rapid transformation, especially in its older business areas. It is well connected with regional transportation systems and also has a large amount of commercial land. Cultural landmarks in San Gabriel include Mission San Gabriel Arcangel, and the 1,400 seat San Gabriel Playhouse. The play house is home to the San Gabriel Valley Music Theatre.
In recent San Gabriel legal news, the Upper San Gabriel Valley Municipal Water District has pledged to use union labor on its future construction projects. The March 2010 decision was made in anticipation of projects including a $210 million water recycling plant and several pipeline expansion efforts. Specifically, the Water District’s board director stated that they plan to implement project labor agreements (PLA’s) on public construction works. The director stated that because of a lack of inspectors, state and federal laws are often not enforced. Thus, the board has implemented PLA’s in order to monitor prevailing wage and labor standards for the projects.
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Cases arising in the city of San Gabriel are heard at the Los Angeles County Superior Court. The superior court has jurisdiction over various civil and criminal cases. Depending on the claim, cases are filed either at the Alhambra or Pasadena locations. Use the county’s court filing locator to determine the precise court to file at.
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