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San Benito, population 25,000, is a city located in Cameron County in the state of Texas. The original town site was created in 1911. It was named after pioneer rancher Benjamin Hicks. San Benito is known as the “Resaca City” due to a 400-foot wide dry stream bed which runs through the city. “Resaca” means “dry stream bed” in Spanish.
The resaca in San Benito was converted into an irrigation canal in 1906 and is an integral part of the city’s history. It is this irrigation system that contributed to the city’s initial growth. The irrigation provided water for the city’s blossoming agricultural community during the early 1900’s. Since then the city has continued to grow due to several annexations of land, which led to increased residential development. The town is still largely agricultural and attracts many tourists and retired people. Notable places of interest in San Benito are the Freddy Fender Museum and the Conjunto Music Museum.   
In January of 2010, Joe Hernandez, mayor of San Benito, resigned from his office after a commission concluded that he had owed back taxes. The City’s Charter requires elected officials to forfeit office positions if they owe delinquent taxes. Officials stated that Hernandez specifically owed taxes on city property. According to information acquired under the Texas Public Information At, the city of San Benito recently paid attorney Ernesto Gomez $15,000 for handling Hernandez’ case. The case was dismissed in a State District Court. 
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Lawsuits arising in San Benito are heard at the San Benito Municipal Court. The municipal court has jurisdiction over criminal misdemeanor cases and minor ordinance violations. More extensive cases can be heard at the Cameron County Court at Law, and appeals are directed to the Texas 13th Court of Appeals
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