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Learn More About Saint Louis County

Saint Louis County is the most populous county in Missouri, and borders the city of Saint Louis, which voted to be independent of the County in 1876. Compared to other urban areas in the country, Saint Louis County has one of the lowest crime rates in the nation, making it a great place to live and raise a family.
Even though Saint Louis County has such a low crime rate, there are still plenty of fantastic Saint Louis County lawyers available to assist you if you are involved in a lawsuit. These attorneys are skilled in many areas of law including tax, personal injury, DUI, criminal, contract, employment, intellectual property, and any other area that you may need. St. Louis lawyers enjoy working alongside Saint Louis County attorneys because of their high level of competency.
Recently, a Saint Louis County business owner is suing a man, accusing him of making false representations and taking $69,000 from him fraudulently. The business owner wanted to host a band to perform for his customers, so he contacted the defendant who agreed to set up the band’s performance and promote the event for the sum in controversy. The Saint Louis County business owner wrote the defendant a check, but never saw the band and never got his money back. The lawsuit alleges that the defendant took the money with no plan to book the band, and indeed, that the defendant did not have any contacts with the band at all.
The State of Missouri is broken into forty-five judicial circuits, each circuit having its own trial level court. Saint Louis County is served by the 21st Judicial Circuit Court. . An experienced Saint Louis County attorney who knows each of these courts is the right person to guide you through the legal system.
If you are involved in a lawsuit in Saint Louis County and are looking for a local attorney to represent you, your first stop should be We pride ourselves on matching you with the right legal professional for your case and situation. Do yourself a favor and check us out today!
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