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About Rockland County, New York

Rockland County, New York, just north of Manhattan, is home to about 320,000 residents. Rockland County derives its name from the various rock formations in the area. Some of Rockland County’s great rock formations include Maria’s Rock, named after a girl that died of hunger, and Spook Rock, which is a large cluster of rocks where Algonquin Nation Native Americans sacrificed a Dutch farmer’s daughter.

In the News: Recently, Rockland County medical service providers were accused of overcharging the New York State Health Insurance Program. For example, the medical providers gave patients normal physical therapy treatments, but billed for more expensive treatment plans. In some cases, the state insurance program was paying more than 20 times the amount a procedure would normally cost. State Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli caught the overcharges and will play a key role in producing evidence against the medical service providers.

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Rockland County is home to a number of lawyers who are familiar with the confusing New York court system. Rockland County lawyers can provide advice covering a wide array of legal issues, including: bankruptcy, tax, commercial real estate, personal injury, product liability, divorce, and criminal defense.

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