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Rock Island is the seat of Rock Island County and home to 40,000 residents of the Quad Cities. The Black Hawk State Historic Site, Quad City Botanical Center, and Chippiannock Cemetery are all popular Rock Island attractions that draw local and foreign visitors. The infamous Blues Brothers were from Rock Island.
Rock Island plays host to lawyers who are familiar with Rock Island County and Illinois State courts. Lawyers in Rock Island advise clients on a broad selection of cases like divorce, automobile injury, wrongful termination, bankruptcy, immigration, and criminal cases including DUI and felony charges.
Recently in Rock Island, the family of Katherine Pedigo filed a 22 count wrongful death lawsuit against the 2 men accused of her death: landlords, and a Chicago program responsible for placing criminals in jobs. Pedigo was allegedly sexually assaulted and stabbed to death after being robbed by the men for about $500 in personal property. The lawsuit argues that landlords failed to warn Pedigo about the criminal history and mental health state of the men they hired to do work on her apartment in conjunction to seeking damages.
If you have a lawsuit to file in Rock Island the Rock Island County Circuit Court will likely be the location at which you file. Illinois State Circuit Courts are the highest level trial courts with which you may file a case and also retain exclusive jurisdiction over family, civil, probate, juvenile, criminal, and real estate cases among others. If you want to resolve an immigration issue like applying for a visa or a deportation hearing than you will be going to visit the U.S. Immigration Court in Chicago, Illinois.
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