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Riviera Beach rests on Florida’s Atlantic coast in Palm Beach County. The City of Riviera Beach was officially incorporated in 1922 and the population has exponentially increased each year to reach the current population of 35,000. Riviera Beach plays host to some very important nautical installations like the Port of Palm Beach and U.S. Coast Guard station.
Many Riviera Beach locals are lawyers who are well acquainted with the Florida legal system. Lawyers in Riviera Beach counsel clients on a broad variety of cases including bankruptcy, personal injury, DUI/DWI, immigration visa, and family cases like divorce and child support cases.
Recently in Riviera Beach, a firefighter was arrested after pulling the fire alarm during a supervisor’s birthday celebration. Charles Sunser was arrested for making a false report for the alleged incident. Although Sunser apologized for the “drunken mistake” and the club owner of Element, where the party was, said he wanted to press charges for the “malicious nature” of the act.
If you have a lawsuit to file in Riviera Beach you will be going to the Palm Beach County Circuit Court which has sole jurisdiction over mental health, probate, civil, family, criminal including felony, and juvenile cases. The U.S. District Court for Southern Florida is responsible for hearing any chapter 7 or 13 bankruptcies. Visa, deportation, and citizenship cases are handled by the U.S. Immigration Court in Orlando, Florida.
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