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Learn More About Riverton, UT

Riverton was voted one of the CNN/Money Magazine best places to live in 2005 and today plays host to 40,000 Salt Lake County residents. Riverton is also home to some of the Intermountain Riverton Hospital which employs many Riverton locals and serves the surrounding cities and ski resorts.
The City of Riverton plays host to some of Salt Lake County’s most reputable lawyers who are familiar with local Utah State Courts. Lawyers in Riverton advise on all kinds of cases, some examples include: chapter 7 bankruptcy, personal injury, immigration visa, divorce, and criminal cases like DUI and felony charges.
Recently in Riverton, the relatives of a bipolar man filed a wrongful death lawsuit in Federal Court. Brian Cardall’s family is suing the city of Hurricane, the police department, and chief of police after he was killed while being subdued by officers with a Taser. Cardall was having an episode which caused him to run down the highway naked when he was apprehended by local authorities in the area. During the process, Cardall was hit twice with the Taser and died shortly after.
If you have a case to be filed in Riverton you will be heading to the Salt Lake County’s 3rd Judicial District Court. Utah State District Courts are responsible for hearing many different kinds of cases inducing criminal, civil, tort, contact, real property, mental health, traffic, and appeals cases from lower courts. Some cases are handled solely by Federal courts like immigration and bankruptcy matters. The U.S. Immigration Court handles visa and deportation hearings and the U.S. District Court is responsible for hearing bankruptcies.
LegalMatch is home to America’s #1 client-lawyer matching service. LegalMatch is the best way to find a bar certified lawyer in Riverton, Salt Lake County, and throughout the United States. LegalMatch offers a free pairing service that guarantees your satisfaction. The Legalmatch LegalCenter provides forums on law, an online law library, and tips for choosing the best lawyer for your particular case.
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