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Considered the birthplace of the modern tomato, Reynoldsburg is a quaint small town in the heart of Ohio. A local farmer is credited with growing the very first commercial tomato in Reynoldsburg, which is a vastly larger and juicier tomato than what previously grew naturally. The town celebrates this heritage with an annual tomato fair.

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A well known Reynoldsburg clothing retailer was sued several years ago due to a controversy over its catalogs. In a catalog selling surf-wear, the retailer showed pictures of famous surfers next to modern pictures of scantily clad male models. Surfers depicted in the catalog without their permission sued the company in federal court in California.

Attorneys in Reynoldsburg should be familiar with the various courts within Franklin, Licking, and Fairfield Counties in Ohio. Your case will likely begin in the Court of Common Pleas in one of these counties.  Your Reynoldsburg attorney should be familiar with the various divisions of these courts, as well as their specific rules and procedures.

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