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Located in Saratoga County, Rexford, NY is a hamlet of approximately 4,200 people located near the Erie Canal. Rexford is the site of the 1842 Upper Mohawk River Aqueduct which helped carry boats across the Mohawk River as part of the enlarged Erie Canal. Other local Rexford attractions include the Schenectady Yacht Club, located in a former 1900's canal store, and the nearby River Country Club.
This quiet community has attracted a number of Rexford lawyers who have settled in its borders. Rexford attorneys are experienced in handling legal matters ranging from business, family, intellectual property, or real estate disputes, among others.
Lawyers in Rexford recently defended a local citizen against charges of fraud, tax evasion, and embezzlement. The lawsuit claimed the owner of a local insurance firm stole more than $37 million from policyholders, his companies, employees and the government in an effort to keep the company afloat. The owner was sentenced to prison for 37 months.
Rexford, NY is served by the New York State Unified Court System. Rexford attorneys may file your case in the Saratoga County Supreme & County Court, the 3rd Appellate Division, or the NY Court of Appeals. A Rexford attorney can help you decide which court is right for your case.  If you have a case that has arisen in Rexford, you may want to consult with a Rexford attorney to help you navigate the New York court system. can help you to find a qualified Rexford lawyer. Our website contains tips on selecting the right attorney and contains information on various legal topics of interest. LegalMatch also allows you to locate and review the experience, availability, and price of pre-screened Rexford attorneys before deciding whom to contact. Let LegalMatch take the frustration out of finding your advocate.
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