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Learn More About Pulaski County, AR

Pulaski County is the most populous county in Arkansas and houses the state capital, Little Rock, the former home of Bill Clinton. The count supports a stable economy that is mixed between private and public sector jobs. In 1957, Pulaski County was thrust into the public eye when the Little Rock Nine were enrolled at Little Rock Central High School, the first attempt of school integration after the Brown v. Board decision of the US Supreme Court.

Pulaski County AR Lawyers

Pulaski County is home to a number of highly talented Pulaski County lawyers who are excited about meeting and representing you. These attorneys are proficient in areas of law such as divorce, immigration, bankruptcy, personal injury, employment discrimination, estate planning, and many more.
A recent voter approved law that was passed in Arkansas is being challenged in the Pulaski County Circuit Court. The law would prevent unmarried couples from adopting children. The ACLU, which filed the lawsuit on behalf of some citizens, argues in the Pulaski County Court that the law violates the Equal Protection Clause of the United States Constitution. The Pulaski County judge presiding over the case recently ruled against the proponents of the law and allowed the lawsuit to proceed.
Pulaski County is served by the Pulaski County Circuit Court, which is located in Little Rock. This court is able to hear both civil and criminal cases and is likely where you will have to report if you file a lawsuit in Pulaski County. The local attorneys know this court well and could help your case out in significant ways.
If you are having trouble finding the right attorney to take your case in Pulaski County, perhaps you should visit Instead of wasting your time calling various attorneys, only to find their billing rates to be too high, or their caseload already full, LegalMatch makes sure that the legal professionals that are match up with your case have all the experience necessary to handle your situation. In addition, before hiring any attorney that is paired up with your case, you will be able to review attorney profiles and read past client reviews so you can be assured that you are making an informed decision.
For more information about the courts and laws in Pulaski County, please feel free to visit these links:
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