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Provo is located about 40 miles south of the Great Salt Lake and is the third largest city in Utah. It is home of Brigham Young University, which is one of the biggest private higher education institutions in the country. As well, Provo is near some great places for downhill skiing such as Snowbird and Brighton.


If you need legal advice while you are in Provo, there are many experienced Provo lawyers who are ready to assist you. These attorneys regularly represent their clients in many areas of law such as tax, personal injury, DUI, automobile accidents, criminal defense, brain injury, bankruptcy, divorce, immigration, and more.

A Provo youth residential treatment facility was recently sued by a federal non-profit agency which alleges that the facility refused to open up documents and patient records related to an investigation of abusive practices. The Provo facility has recently been accused of engaging in abusive practices when it comes to dealing with its patients. Former attendants of the facility as well as the parents of those youths currently there have expressed concern over how the facility has been run. Surprisingly, the lawsuit is not related to these instances of alleged abuse, but for the facility’s refusal to cooperate with the investigation into these allegations. The attorney for the Provo facility has scoffed at the lawsuit theorizing that it was brought more for publicity reasons than actual facts.

When you are ready to file your lawsuit that arose in Provo, you will probably have to send your court papers to the 4th District Court of Utah. The local attorneys in Provo regularly practice in this court and are familiar with the procedural rules that your case must follow.

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