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About Prince George’s County, Maryland

Prince George’s County, Maryland, which borders the nation’s capital, has a rich history as evidenced by its many locations and attractions listed on the National Historic Register. Despite this colorful history, Prince George’s County remains culturally and technically relevant due to its proximity to Washington DC.
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In the News: A Prince George’s County jury recently deadlocked on their decision to award damages to a shooting victim’s family and another person injured in the shooting. In 2007, a former Prince George’s County police officer shot two furniture movers after a scuffle, killing one and permanently injuring the other. The former officer was convicted and sentenced to 45 years in prison for the crime. The family of the killed victim, as well as the injured furniture mover, sued the officer and the police department seeking $300 million in damages, claiming that the officer was acting in an official capacity when he fired the shots. The Prince George’s County jury could not decide whether the officer was or was not acting in official capacity and the Prince George’s County judge declared a mistrial.

For more information about the laws and courts in Prince George’s County, visit: Circuit Court for Prince George’s County

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