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Located in the countryside outside of Washington, D.C., Potomac, MD has earned a reputation as one of the most affluent and educated small towns in the nation. This community of approximately 45,000 people is punctuated by historic buildings, tree-lined streets, and hitching posts dating from the 1900s (a reminder of the area's equine past). Residents enjoy this quiet community's parks, arts offerings such as performances by the Potomac Theatre Company, and outdoor activities such as biking and horseback riding.

Potomac MD Lawyers

In keeping with the area's reputation for education excellence, numerous Potomac lawyers  have the skills and experience necessary to successfully handle business, employment, immigration, real estate, wills trust and estates, and any other legal matter that you may face.
Attorneys in Potomac were recently involved in a trademark dispute between local Cricket Cola and the Coca-Cola Company. Cricket alleges that Coke's use of the message "happiness in a bottle" would undermine Cricket's marketing efforts and ability to build a distinctive brand. Cricket claimed Coke's actions were trademark infringement under the Lanham Act.  
The court system in Maryland is composed of four levels – district courts, circuit courts, the Court of Special Appeals, and highest Court of Appeals. Potomac attorneys normally litigate cases in the Montgomery County District Court, Montgomery County Circuit Court, the Maryland Court of Special Appeals, or the Maryland Court of Appeals.
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