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The city of Pontiac is considered to be a satellite city of Detroit and is surrounded by many of the suburbs of the larger city. Pontiac is best know for the General Motors manufacturing plants that the city houses, as well as the GM brand Pontiac which was first produced and named after the city. The Detroit Lions also used to play in Pontiac before moving back to Detroit in 2002.

Pontiac MI Lawyers

When you have been charged with a crime, or served with a civil complaint in Pontiac, it is time to talk to one of the talented Pontiac lawyers in the city. These attorneys are experienced in many areas of law such as DUI, tax, bankruptcy, criminal defense, personal injury, automobile accidents, divorce, real estate, and more.
The Pontiac based office of the Oakland County Prosecutor’s Office has recently filed suit against the Michigan Department of Corrections seeking a court order that would make the department release the list of names that are up for parole in 2009. The Pontiac office has charged that the department has been withholding the list of names of prisoners that may be released back into the public. The Department of Corrections is operating under a new program that is seeking to downsize the size of the prison population in the state so that it does not go bankrupt.
The local Pontiac lawyers regularly practice in the Oakland County Circuit Court, which is likely where your case will end up if it started in Pontiac. These attorneys can use their knowledge of the workings of this court to help your case.
There are many ways that you could find a Pontiac lawyer to take your case, but perhaps the best is LegalMatch.com. We offer you a free online service that you can use to quickly and effectively get in touch with local attorneys who are ready to assist you. Best of all, you can read attorney profiles and past client reviews before you ever have to hire any of the legal professionals that are matched to you.
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