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Settled before the American Revolutionary War, Polk County, NC was located in territory formerly occupied by the Cherokee Indians. The county was officially formed in 1847, but its formation was repealed in 1849 when a dispute arose as to the location of the county seat. Polk County was recreated in 1854, only six years before outbreak of the American Civil War.

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Nestled in the foothills of the Blue Ridge and Piedmont mountains, Polk County experiences weather phenomena known as the Thermal Belt, leaving rich in native plants. The area also offers a variety of outdoor activities, among them golf courses, horse farms, fishing, boating, and mountain biking. Other local attractions include the Blue Ridge Barbecue Festival in June and the Sherlock Holmes Festival in November.

There are also a large amount of excellent and experienced Polk County lawyers in this pastoral community. Lawyers in Polk County can help you with legal matters involving employment, criminal defense, real estate, business, personal injury, medical malpractice, and family disputes or any other you may face.

Attorneys in Polk County recently filed a lawsuit against the Chocolate Drop development in the county. The lawsuit, brought by plaintiffs Richard and Terry Callebs, claims that erosion from the development had damages their property which lies below the Chocolate Drop mountain gradient. Plaintiffs claim that the developers failed to design and maintain proper erosion and sedimentation controls. The developers had previously been fined $116,000 for not properly stabilizing slopes and not producing a geotechnical report needed to determine proper erosion control measures. The lawsuit is ongoing.

The judicial system of North Carolina consists of 3 levels of trial courts – small claims, district, or superior courts. Appeals are heard by the Court of Appeals or the Supreme Court of North Carolina. For cases in Polk County, Polk County attorneys may argue their case in the District 29B trial courts or any of the North Carolina appeals courts. If you are unsure which court should overhear your case, a Polk County attorney can provide guidance.

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