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Plymouth is one of two county seats of Plymouth County. Plymouth is best known for being the landing sight of the Mayflower and Pilgrims; today it is the oldest municipality in New England dating back to 1620.

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Plymouth is also a good place to find a lawyer who takes cases like: immigration visas, bankruptcy, child support, personal injury, and wrongful termination. Lawyers in Plymouth take many different kinds of cases and are well acquainted with local court procedures.
Anna Sorgi recently filed a lawsuit against former friend James Balzotti. In Sorgi’s lawsuit, she states that she placed $70,000 cash in a safety deposit box in Balzotti’s name. The lawsuit says that she feared a lawsuit would stem from the death of a Hanover teen in 2001 after she hosted a party at her house. Balzotti was not available for comment but his lawyer said that he would be attending the hearing at the Plymouth Superior Court in Brockton.
If you’re looking to file a lawsuit in Plymouth, you can file with the Plymouth District Court which has a civil case limit of $25,000; however, cases that exceed the limit are heard by the Plymouth Superior Court. Probate and Family Courts are separate in Massachusetts, so for domestic and probate disputes you’ll probably be visiting the Plymouth Probate and Family Court on Obery Street in Plymouth. Criminal charges like misdemeanors and ordinance violations will earn you a summons to District Court unless sentencing exceeds a limit of 5 years; then you will be summoned by the Superior Court.
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