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The Great Plains of the United States are a vast region covering just about everything between the Rocky Mountains and the Mississippi River; meaning that they cover, at least in part, the states of Colorado, Kansas, Montana, Nebraska, New Mexico, North Dakota, South Dakota, Oklahoma, Texas and Wyoming.
Considering the huge area this region covers, and the diverse demographics contained in it, it’s not surprising that a large number of legal issues crop up in the Plains. Given the large number of rivers that cut through the Plains, and the continuous need for electricity and water reserves, a large number of dams have been built in the region, and more are considered. A major public-works project such as this almost always raises eminent domain issues. Dams are especially problematic, since they create new lakes which can flood thousands of acres of property, requiring that the owners be compensated.
Currently, there is a proposal to build a dam in the Little North Fork Creek. Many landowners are concerned that they will not receive just compensation for their land, as is required by law. This is mainly due to the fact that compensation in eminent domain cases is usually considered “just” when fair market value is paid for the land. However, this usually does not take into account the fact that many landowners depend on their land for their livelihoods.  
This shows the need for good lawyers who practice real estate and constitutional law in the Plains. Of course, there are also plenty of lawyers in the region who practice other areas of law, and there are almost certainly plenty of Plains lawyers who can handle your case, whatever it may be. LegalMatch can help you find the right Plains lawyer. Simply present your case to get started.

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