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About Pinellas County, Florida

Derived from the Spanish words Punta Pinal (point of pines), Pinellas County is the most densely populated county in Florida, with nearly 3,339 people per square mile. Pinellas County boasts 35 miles of white sand beaches, 588 miles of coastline, an average of 361 days of sun each year, and 2,865 shuffleboard courts. Pinellas County is also home to the world’s first scheduled airline flight, from St. Petersburg to Tampa.

Pinellas county family Lawyers

In the News: Attorneys for a Pinellas County minor recently filed a lawsuit against the Pinellas County Sheriff’s office, alleging a violation of the minor’s privacy rights. The lawsuit claims the Sheriff’s office released private recordings of phone conversations between the minor inmate and his family. The minor also contends that the Sheriff’s office allowed television cameras to film him in jail against his wishes. The lawsuit is ongoing.

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Multiple top-notch Pinellas County lawyers have made the area their home. Lawyers in Pinellas County are experienced in a variety of of legal matters, such as personal injury, real estate, bankruptcy, criminal defense, DUI, wills and trusts, and immigration.

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