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Pikesville is a census designated place just northwest of the city of Baltimore. The population of almost 30,000 contains one of the larger Jewish populations in the Maryland which is considered the center of Baltimore area Jewish community. Pikesville is a prosperous community that is comprised of large single-family homes and is just minutes away from six major colleges and universities, including Johns Hopkins University.

Pikesville MD Lawyers

Pikesville is home to many talented Pikesville lawyers who are ready to take on your case and represent you. These attorneys are skilled in areas of law such as divorce, personal injury, tax, business, immigration, employment discrimination, and many more.
A Pikesville lawyer is currently representing a group of residents of a nearby town in their lawsuit against Exxon. The suit arose out of a gasoline spill which resulted in more than 25,000 gallons being dumped into the resident’s water table, from which most of the residents get their household water. As a result, the Pikesville lawyer argued, many of the residents have not been able to use their water and have resorted to bottled water for everything from drinking to bathing. So far, the courtroom has been packed with residents who have been harmed by the spill. The Pikesville lawyer is arguing that Exxon knew that the leak sensors it used were faulty and prone to defects.
Pikesville is served by the Baltimore County Circuit Court, which is a court of general jurisdiction and hears most major criminal and civil cases. If you have a case in Pikesville, you will probably have to report to this court. Having a local Pikesville attorney on your side who knows the ins and outs of this court would be a major advantage for your case.
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