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Piedmont is known to most as the heavily agricultural area of the Piedmont Plateau. Piedmont cities include Franklin, Adams, Cumberland, York, Dauphin, Lancaster, Lebanon, Chester, Berks, Montgomery, Bucks, Lehigh, and Northampton. The Piedmont region is best known for its blues that originated there in the 19th century.
There are a number of lawyers in Eastern Pennsylvania who call the Piedmont Region home. Lawyers in the Piedmont Region take many different kinds of cases, some typical cases include bankruptcy, divorce, wrongful termination, real estate, and criminal cases like DUI and DWI.
Recently in the Pennsylvania Piedmont region, the family of deceased Curtis Brautigam filed a wrongful death lawsuit after state police Trooper Kirk Perkins allegedly failed to handle a life-threatening situation properly. The lawsuit states that Trooper Perkins picked up one of Brautigam’s sons while he was walking along the highway in search of a Giant supermarket. Perkins took the boy home to find one hovel of a man, Brautigam, curled up on the floor and motionless. Perkins left the boy and his 2 brothers with their father and in the morning called emergency to find that Brautigam had died of bacterial meningitis.
If you have a lawsuit to file in the Piedmont Region, you’re likely to be visiting one of Pennsylvania’s courts. The Pennsylvania court system has a number of trial levels and divisions with which to file. It’s paramount that you file correctly so that you don’t lose valuable time or money in having to re-file.
LegalMatch is a resource that can help you with legal questions you may have in the Piedmont Region. LegalMatch continues to be the best resource for people to find the a lawyer in Piedmont by providing reviews and information on all their lawyers.
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