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Petersburg is a city in the State of Virginia that is about 20 miles south of the state capital, Richmond. Petersburg is home to some outstanding United States Historical sites like Virginia State University, Battersea, Petersburg National Battlefield, and the Pocahontas Island National Historic District.
Petersburg is also home to some of the area’s lawyers who are familiar with taking many different kinds of cases. Lawyers in Petersburg take a diverse range of cases including chapter 7 bankruptcy, automobile injury, divorce, immigration visa, and criminal cases like DUI.
Recently in Petersburg, Calvin Raines was apprehended and held in Passaic County Jail after allegedly eluding police. Raines was stopped for an alleged narcotics bust when he sped away. County Police eventually caught up with Raines in Petersburg where he crashed into a pickup truck on Second Street. Raines faces a number of criminal charges in Passaic County ranging from resisting arrest to drug possession charges.
If you have a divorce to file in Petersburg, you’re likely to be heading to the Petersburg Circuit Court. Virginia Circuit Courts take a diverse selection of cases like tort, civil, contact, real property, family, criminal, and probate cases among others. Immigration issues like visa, citizenship, and deportation issues must be handled by the U.S. Immigration Court in Arlington, Virginia.
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