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Paterson is the seat of Passaic County and is referred to as the “Silk City” because of its predominant role in late 19th century silk production. Paterson is the subject of William Carlos William’s five book epic named after the city, is referred to in Bob Dylan’s song “Hurricane,” and was where Samuel Colt produced the first marketable revolver, the Colt Paterson.
Paterson is also home to many lawyers who take many different kinds of cases like: wrongful death, work visa, child custody, felony, and personal injury cases. Lawyers in Paterson are erudite on local courts and are qualified to consult you on any legal issue.
If you haven’t paid you tickets recently in Paterson, allow rapper Jim Jones to be your example. Jones was stopped at 12:10 a.m. while driving his 2007 Bentley through Paterson because he didn’t have a front license plate. Police arrested Jones on an outstanding warrant for $120 in unpaid parking tickets. He paid the fines and was later released.
If you are planning on fighting criminal charges in Paterson, you will likely be visiting the Paterson Municipal Court for your preliminary hearing. The municipal court also hears traffic and ordinance violations. For criminal trials and civil lawsuits, you will be visiting the Passaic Vicinage which embodies many divisions like family, juvenile, civil, criminal, and real property cases. The Passaic Vicinage is the most likely place you will be filing any type of action in Paterson.
LegalMatch is the most comprehensive method of selecting a respectable Paterson lawyer. LegalMatch’s LegalCenter offers great legal research tools like Forums on every law topic from family law to business and a free online law library.
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