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Palos Heights, also called the "City of Tress," was founded in 1959, and is now home to about 12,960 residents. Palos Heights is located in Cook County, and is known for its peaceful, tree-lined neighborhoods, as well as its excellent local schools, including Trinity Christian College. Palos Heights also offers access to a number of esteemed parks, including the Lake Katherine Nature Preserve.

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Palos Heights residents are served by the Circuit Court of Cook County, which is Illinois' largest circuit court. The Circuit Court of Cook County was created in 1964, and employs over 400 judges today. A Palos Heights lawyer can interpret the local rules of court. For example, according to Rule 19A.4, a Motion for Temporary Custody of a child must be in writing and contain facts showing probable cause and urgent need for custody.

Recently, Orland Park's village plan commission approved plans for the Stone Church to move from Palos Heights to Orland Park. The new church site will include a chapel seating over 400 people, Sunday school classrooms, a recreation center, and offices. According to an attorney for Stone Church, it sold its Palos Heights land to the Gemini Corp.

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