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Learn More About Oshkosh, WI

Oshkosh sits at the junction of the Fox River and Lake Winnebago in the State of Wisconsin. The City of Oshkosh plays host to 63,000 Winnebago County residents and a number of historic sites of interest like the homes in the Algoma Historic District. During the summer, travelers come from hundreds of miles around to visit Waterfest, an annual celebration with free concerts, craft fair, and lots of other cool stuff to check out.

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Oshkosh may be known by most as a great summer vacation destination but it’s also home to some outstanding lawyers. Lawyers in Oshkosh regularly advise clients on a wide range of cases like chapter 7 bankruptcy, automobile injury, immigration visa, child support, and DUI charges.

Recently in Oshkosh, the Oshkosh Corporation won a $3 million contract from the United States Government. The Oshkosh Corporation will become the newest production plant of the FMTV, a military truck, which will bring steady work for the next 5 years to over 1,400 Wisconsin vendors. Navistar International and BAE Systems both challenged the contract after losing out on the job but Pentagon officials confirmed that the Oshkosh Corporation would be the new production plant.

If you have a case to file in Oshkosh then you’ll be heading to the Winnebago County Circuit Court. The Winnebago County Circuit Court has jurisdiction over most cases that arise in Oshkosh but retains exclusive jurisdiction over family, civil, criminal, juvenile, and probate cases but also handle traffic violations. Citizenship, immigration visa, and deportation issues can be handled by the nearest U.S. Immigration Court. Bankruptcy must be filed with the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Wisconsin.

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