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Orangevale is located in northeast California, about 25 miles away from the state capitol of Sacramento. It has a population of about 30,000 and is best known for its hillside views of the Sierra Nevada mountain range. 

The Orangevale community was founded in 1888, and was once rich in orange groves, oak trees, and olive orchards. The city is still largely rural, especially near Chestnut Avenue, although presently the area is surrounded by a growing metropolitan area. 

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In September of 2009 fifteen year-old Orangevale girl was arrested on suspicion of attempted felonyarson. The young girl had set fire to a Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints located at the corner of Hazel and Cherry Avenues. Officials said that four-foot high flames damaged church pews and occurred while there were more than 50 congregation members inside the sanctuary. Fire department personnel concluded that the young girl’s detention should lead to efforts at correction and juvenile rehabilitation rather than punishment.   The Orangevale church building was also vandalized the following November with the message, “No on Prop. 8” spray painted on its outside walls. 

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The city of Orangevale is served by the Superior Court of California- County of Sacramento courthouse located in nearby Sacramento. Smaller claims such as minor traffic infractions, small claims, and landlord-tenant disputes may be heard at the Carol Miller Justice Center, also located in Sacramento.

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