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Orange is a city that enjoys all of the great weather and shopping for which Southern California is known. Since the early 1960s, Orange has been dedicated to preserving its “old town feel” by keeping many of the historic 1920s homes that were demolished in other parts of the state. Orange has even kept Dairy Treet, a town burger staple since 1949. The food, Tucker Wildlife Sanctuary, and shopping at Historic Old Towne are just a few reasons that old and young alike choose Orange to reside.

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Lawyers in Orange are able to assist you in immigration, intellectual property, wills, trusts, and estates, and they regularly receive referrals for cases from Anaheim lawyers. Since Orange is home to Chapman University School of Law, there are many legal resources at your fingertips including law libraries as well as online access to Orange County laws and regulations.

Recently in Orange attorneys petitioned to restrict a woman from filing lawsuits. The woman, Noni Gotti filed 173 lawsuits in Orange and nearby cities under the Americans with Disabilities Act. Gotti’s lawyers, Pinnock & Wakefield have been reported to the California State Bar Association and pending a decision, will likely incur heavy restrictions before filing in the future.

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