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Olney is situated in an unincorporated area of Montgomery County, Maryland, and has a total population of about 33,000 people. The city was established in 1800 and was previously known as Mechanicsville. Prior to the 1960’s, Olney was predominantly farmland. During a period of only about 30 years Olney underwent a transformation from an agricultural area to a relatively affluent and cultured residential area, attracting many artisans and poets.
            The intersection of agricultural and residential uses of land still affects Olney up to the present. In May of 2009, Olney resident David Reile and his wife Barbara Suddarth filed a lawsuit in the Montgomery County Circuit Court regarding a dispute over water/sewage rights. Reile and his wife live on Emory Church Road near a 14-acre plot of land which derives its water sources from a private septic system. They have challenged the decision of the Montgomery County Council allowing a two-story church building to be built on the plot along Emory Road. Reile, along with other residents of the area, argue that allowing the church to be built would disrupt the character of the area which is environmentally sensitive due to the presence of small streams and rare trees. Further development is dependent on a proper water/sewage category change. Litigation is still ongoing.   
            Disputes over the usage of land can often be very complex and intense. They involve many competing interests between several parties which must conform to local government zoning regulations. In such claims it is essential that one obtains proper legal counsel in order to advocate and defend their particular interest.
Using LegalMatch.com can assist you in finding the right attorneys for your claim, whether it involves a land dispute or any other area of law. There are many attorneys in Olney and the surrounding Montgomery County area, and LegalMatch can match you with the proper attorney for free. Cases arising in Olney can be heard in the Circuit Court for Montgomery County, located in the neighboring city of Rockville.    The jurisdiction of the Circuit Court is very broad, covering most civil cases and more serious criminal offenses.
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