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Oak Park is a village located in Cook County, Illinois. It is famous for its rich tradition in bicycling. Augusta Boulevard runs through the village and is a part of the Grand Illinois Trail which is considered one of the most progressive bicycle-friendly communities in the Chicago area. This area is home to many bicycle clubs, groups, and events that take place every year.

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Recently an Oak Park resident was denied bail for fatally shooting a 16 year old boy. Allegedly, Jonathon Wills had an altercation with the boy and after some individuals stepped in to help resolve the argument Mr. Wills pulled out a handgun and shot the 16 year old. Jonathon Wills is being charged with first degree murder and is scheduled to be heard in a preliminary hearing soon.

If you are considering filing a case then you will most likely be going to the Circuit Court of Cook County. This court handles several types of cases such as criminal, civil, contracts, and juvenile law cases. Often times court procedures can be difficult to navigate through and that is why it is essential that you have an Oak Park lawyer make it easier for you to solve your legal matter.

Oak Park lawyers practice in numerous areas of law including family law, real estate law, employment law, and criminal law.

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