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Oak Forest is a suburb south of downtown Chicago in Cook County, Illinois, and is considered part of the Chicago metropolitan area. Its name derives from the fact that it is surrounded by the Cook County Forest Preserves.

Some popular sites to see when visiting Oak Forest include St. Damian’s Catholic Church, the Chicago Gaelic Park banquet hall, restaurant and bar, and the George W. Dunne Golf Course and Driving Range. 

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Oak Forest was recently shocked by the arrest of Charles and Michelle Sopko on embezzlement charges.  According to the prosecutor, Michelle Sopko embezzled $352,938 from the Palos Heights Fire Protection District, where she worked as a part-time employee, and deposited it into the couple's joint bank account.  The prosecutor also asserted that Charles Sopko, an Oak Forest fire chief deputy, hknew about and benefitted from the stolen money because he had access to the account and the couple's household expenses increased dramatically.  The trial is ongoing and facing a number of delays caused by the unseasonably cold weath that the Chicago area has had to endure.

Serious felony cases such as murder, armed robbery, and criminal sexual assault are heard by the County Department, located in Chicago. The County Department also handles domestic relations, probate, and civil suits exceeding $100,000.

Lastly, the circuit court is divided into multiple municipal districts, which preside over traffic and local ordinance violations, misdemeanors, preliminary hearings for felony cases, domestic violence matters, marriage court, and civil suits up to $100,000. Oak Forest belongs to the Sixth Municipal District, located in Markham.

The Circuit Court of Cook County is not only the largest circuit court in Illinois, it is also one of the largest unified court systems in the world. While the departmental divisions were designed to ease the confusion of Cook County’s court system, many people are still at a loss as to where to file their cases.

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