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Learn More About Nueces County, TX


Nueces County is located near the Gulf of Mexico and its county seat is Corpus Christi. Nueces County is home to many attractions like the Texas State Aquarium and the USS Lexington Museum. As well, the county has some of the highest wind speeds in the entire nation, which makes the county a prime destination for many windsports such as kiteboarding and windsurfing.
If you have been named in a lawsuit in Nueces County, you should probably consult with one of many experienced Nueces County lawyers. These attorneys are well versed in many areas of law including personal injury, business, contracts, employment, criminal defense, DUI, divorce, alimony, and more.
A Nueces County strip club recently sued a 14 year old girl for allegedly swindling the club into breaking the law. The club owners alleged that the girl walked into the club with a fake ID and claimed to be 22 years old. Later, she exposed herself during a routine in the club, which was a violation of state criminal law. The Nueces County club’s owner is facing criminal charges. The police say that the owner of the club kidnapped the girl, sexually assaulted her over a period of a week, and then forced her to dance at his club. The girl has now been reunited with her family.
When you are ready to file your lawsuit in Nueces County, you will likely have to file it in one of the District Courts in Nueces County. Attorneys in the area regularly practice in these courts and can use their local knowledge to your advantage.
If you are ready to find a great Nueces County lawyer for your case, is here to help. We offer you a free online service that you can use to quickly get matched up to an attorney in your area that has experienced in representing people in situations like yours. Best of all, you get to read attorney profiles and past client reviews to make sure that you are making the best decision for your situation.
To find out more about the laws and courts in Nueces County, please visit these external links:
  • Texas Courts
  • Corpus Christi Bar Association
  • Texas Penal Code


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