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Norwood, MA, located 14 miles out of Boston is a small town named after Norwood, England.  Located in Norfolk County, it is home to Analog Devices, Inc., a semiconductor company, and Caritas Christi Healthcare System. It is also the world headquarter of Mystic Scenic Studios and Mystic Millwork. Norwood has the 7th largest bell towers in the country in its town square
Lawyers in Norwood practice in immigration, DUI, bankruptcy, employment discrimination and many others. A Norwood attorney recently won an appeal against a Norwood pizza delivery man for the murder of an elderly woman in 1998. 
You will want an experienced Norwood attorney to represent you if you have a case in Norfolk County. If you are planning on filing a lawsuit, you will be filing in Dedham District Court. The district court handles nearly every case including small claims up to $2,000 and real property with no limit; however, the district court does not have jurisdiction over felony, misdemeanor, or family cases. For those cases, you will have to visit the Norfolk County Superior Court, in Dedham and the Norfolk County Family and Probate Courts if your trial is a family matter or a case involving inheritance.
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