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Across the river from Little Rock, North Little Rock was originally known as Argenta. The town is home to a variety of noteworthy attractions of the old south, such as its Old Mill. This well known brick mill was featured in the classic Gone with the Wind.

North Little Rock AR Lawyers

North Little Rock lawyers can assist you with any legal dilemma you may be facing, including criminal defense, personal injury, bankruptcy, real estate, divorce, and many others.

North Little Rock may owe its very existence to North Little Rock lawyers. Prior to the town’s creation, the area of North Little Rock was owned by Little Rock. The town of Argenta petitioned the Arkansas Supreme Court to annex the area and form its own town. Attorneys from Argent—now North Little Rock—prevailed, and the rest is history.

Like their predecessors before them, North Little Rock lawyers should be familiar with the Pulaski County Court, located in Arkansas’s 5th Division Circuit. Different courts in Arkansas have different rules and procedures, and your North Little Rock attorney’s knowledge of the rules will help you favorably resolve your case.

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