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North Atlanta is in DeKalb County and plays host to about 38,500 Georgians. The area known as North Atlanta is comprised of Brookhaven, North Atlanta, and Skyland communities. North Atlanta is popular among young families and offers a wide selection of shops and restaurants that reflect the area’s diverse population. North Atlanta is a popular shopping destination for locals who don’t want to deal with big city traffic.

North Atlanta GA Lawyers

North Atlanta plays host to some lawyers too. Lawyers in North Atlanta advise clients on a wide variety of cases such as: chapter 7 bankruptcy, personal injury, child support, immigration visa, and criminal charges like DUI and felony charges.
Recently in North Atlanta, paper giant Georgia-Pacific filed a copyright infringement lawsuit against Family Dollar Stores Inc. and Sun Paper Company. The lawsuit claims that the two discount companies were purposefully producing toilet paper that is nearly identical in make and packaging to Georgia-Pacific’s Angel Soft and Quilted Northern tissues. Georgia-Pacific commented that the companies had designed similar packaging to trade upon the goodwill of their products.
If you have a lawsuit to file in North Atlanta then you’ll be heading to the DeKalb County Superior Court. Superior Courts in Georgia have exclusive jurisdiction over felony, real property, and domestic relations cases. The DeKalb County Superior Court can also handle other North Atlanta issues like tort, contract, civil, traffic, juvenile, and appeals from lower courts. If you have an immigration issue that needs to be handled then you will be heading to the U.S. Immigration Court in Atlanta, Geogia.
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